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Terpenes are organic chemicals that have powerful smells, flavors, and potential medicinal capabilities. You can find them in lemons, black pepper, pine trees and yes - a rising favorite - cannabis. Our green planet is abundant in these naturally occurring compounds that have been used therapeutically in the form of essential oils for over 5,000 years. They are naturally produced by many plants around the world. Terpenes are very popular in modern society, finding their way into food flavorings, beverages, perfumes, therapeutic ointments, diffusers, and more. In the cannabis industry terpenes are used to enhance the natural taste of edibles, improve the flavor and effect of vape cartidges, and more.

During the extraction process, many of the terpenes originally produced by cannabis are removed, robbing the concentrate of taste. Terpenes can be reintroduced in various mixtures in order to make concentrates have a more authentic flavor and enhance the high. Before penicillin and aerosol perfumes, before synthetics and genetic modification, humankind relied on old school, plant-based products to serve their medicinal, holistic, and flavoring needs.
Terpenes can also be used in beverages, perfumes, diffusers, skin care products, and more.

Terpenes have effects by themselves. These attributes are synergistically boosted when the terpene is ingested along with THC. THC has an effect on its own, but terpenes can be used to steer the direction a high progresses toward. Terpenes play a large role in the entourage effect; the phenomenon where a user’s high is affected by terpenes. Different terpenes have different effects, including euphoria, increased energy, feelings of relaxation, calming, and more.

Abstrax terpenes are sourced from the highest quality sustainable ingredients. We adhere to rigorous processing SOPs.
We produce our products in an FDA, ISO, and OSHA certified facility 100% pure products, meaning our terpenes are undiluted by PG, VG, MCT, or coconut oil. Additionally, our terpenes and terpene strain profiles are certified for being solvent-less, natural, organic, GMO-free, filler-free, and food grade. We have an award-winning history in cannabis cup competition. Abstrax conducts ongoing quality assurance procedures to constantly maintain standards while searching for ways to improve. We will not offer them for sale until we know they are a perfect fit.

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