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Kratom is an evergreen tree that is categorized under the coffee plant. Known scientifically as Mitragyna Speciosa, it has been harvested decades upon decades for botanical research.

Kratom is native to Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Kratom trees can only thrive in a tropical climate. They can grow up to eighty-two feet in height, with a trunk up to three feet wide. Kratom trees produce rich green leaves in clusters of three. These leaves can grow upwards of seven inches.

Kratom was first identified formally by botanist Pieter Korthals back in 1839. It would become officially classified as Kratom in 1859. Kratom trees can harvest several different strains.

Some of the more popular strains are known as Green Maeng Da, Green Malay and Red Bali. At Karma, we provide all three strains in the form of finely-crushed powders. Always 100% organic. Always Lab tested. Always Karma.

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