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Crafty Vaporizer by Storz&Bickel

Storz & Bickel have a huge reputation in the Vaping community, having been the creators of some of the most widely used and loved vaporizers on the plant including; Volcano Classic, Volcano Digit and the Plenty vaporizers. So when they announced they would be r...

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Latest Reviews for Crafty


I absolutely love my Crafty and it is my go to every morning. I really enjoy being able to customize the temperature to get the right mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes for what is bothering me at the moment. The flavor it puts out is amazing and it produces copious amounts of vapor. If anyone is ever in the market for a great vaporizer then I would always recommend Storz & Bickle.


Definitely for the time I had it my go to vape. Now with extra battery I have considered buying it again, even though now I have a mighty 😂. Great flavour and power and will take and vape anything you chuck at it! 💯


This is without a doubt my favourite portable.
The most notable benefit of this vape is the smooth, cool, flavourful vapor that really sets it apart from other vapes. The cooling unit really does it's job.
You don't seem to get a really aweful taste at the end of your session like most other portable vapes.
The efficiency/effect is above average.
The ease of use is great, it's 1 button, and unlike other vapes there is no technique, just pack the bowl, turn it on and draw as you please.
It also comes with a filling aid which really helps to easily fill the bowl.
The only down side is the battery life which is usually 3 full bowls (4 if you keep them short).
All in all, the best available portable on the market if performance and vapor quality is your main consideration.